SACMI finishing&sorting solutions: The market’s most versatile ready-to-use proposal for ceramic plants

A complete guided tour of SACMI’s finishing and sorting lines together with our experts

After forming and body preparation, Ceramic Innovation Days are back, this time to illustrate SACMI’s comprehensive finishing and sorting line range.

From SACMI-BMR 4.0 squaring-finishing solutions to the new Ekosort Dinamica for the smart sorting of slabs and tiles of every type and size, the range integrates all the most versatile, sustainable, highest-performing solutions according to cutting-edge digital automation logic.

The tour begins with a presentation of Top Squadra Dry 4.0, SACMI-BMR’s advanced digital squaring solution that combines high productivity with digital control of every stage.

Downstream, Leviga and SuperShine tile lapping-treatment lines provide the only solution on the market to combine a mechatronic process with a chemical reaction, giving tiles unmatched protection, strength and gloss.

Moving on from finishing to sorting, the webinar will continue with Ekosort Dinamica. SACMI’s latest simplified sorting solution, this system offers dynamic management of production codes, ensuring flexibility and performance with both small tiles and large slabs.

The presentation will end with a look at the new SACMI integrated line, a source of further opportunities for manufacturers that stems from plant engineering expertise and the ability to drive development with advanced digital simulation (digital twin) models.

The event will be held in English and simultaneously translated into 6 languages: Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese.

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28 / 01 Time 09:00–10:00 CET & Time 15:00–16:00 CET

Top Squadra Dry 4.0 BMR

  • Advanced camera system means stations can also be kept under control remotely
  • Electronic control of every single stage to maximize performance and reduce changeover times
  • Zero raw material waste thanks to a consolidated dry process

Leviga, Leviga Plus, SuperShine

  • 20 - 60 machining heads ensure optimal polishing-lapping of surfaces (Leviga, Leviga Plus)
  • New mobile gantry platform with controlled treatment distribution in the tile finishing phase (SuperShine)

Ekosort Dinamica

  • Dynamic production code management
  • Independent software-guided control of pick and place carriages
  • Maximum stacking and sorting efficiency/safety with both small tiles and large slabs

New integrated line and «digital twin» models

  • Smaller footprint and optimized stock management
  • Drastic reduction in development times thanks to digital simulation (digital twin) models

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